3D leather Coverings Collection 

A surface without indications describing its space is an inert surface, without vibrations. With one of the oldest techniques in the history of art, bas-relief, we modify the flat and equal surface of cowhide, transforming it into sculptural material. Through this technique, space is altered by light and shadows that enhance the designs, transforming the planes into three-dimensional structures.

A collection of decorative full grain leather panels with bas-relief motifs handcrafted by renowned artisans in Lombardy. The aniline-dyed full-grain leather we use comes exclusively from European farms and is tanned in Italy. This type of leather represents the highest expression of “real leather” because it has not undergone any processing that tends to mask the defects or alter its appearance, leaving on display all the characteristics of the animal’s coat. The unmistakable naturalness of this type of leather also manifests itself in the form of imperfections, for this reason, any superficial discontinuity is universally considered a merit, furthermore, aniline dyeing can highlight slight differences in color between different supplies or between one leather and another.
The decorative panels are made on a marine plywood support with a minimum thickness of 1 cm.
The largest square size obtainable from a single skin is cm 170×120
(over 2 square meters) as well as the remaining sub-formats of two, four and eight panels are obtained from a single skin of about 5 square meters. 

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